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Honda Approved Service

Here at Eden Prestige, we are proud to offer a range of services as well as service plans that allow you to spread the costs ready for when your car needs to be serviced.

A Honda Approved Service is designed to adhere to the service schedule on your Honda so your car runs as safely and efficiently as possible at all times.

Should your Honda require any working completing, we will always use approved parts so we meet the guidelines the manufacturer has set.

All cars that are covered under a Honda manufacturer warranty can choose to purchase a Honda service plan that allows the owner to spread the cost across the year.

The approved service also ensures your Honda is served by trained technicians who know Honda inside out so you can be sure that when you leave your car with us here at Eden Prestige, it is looked after by professionals.

Why opt for a Honda Approved Service

A Honda Approved Service will keep your car running as smoothly as possible and offer peace of mind knowing that your Honda was serviced by a knowledgeable trained Honda technician.

This isn’t the only benefit however, as having your car serviced by a Honda Approved Service provider such as Eden Prestige, means when it comes to selling your car on, you should receive the best valuation possible.

What is included in a Honda Approved Service?

There are two levels of service, Interim and Full Service, which offer different levels of checks. Here’s an example of what is and isn’t included in the two service levels:


Interim Service

Full Service

Check interior and exterior lights

Check windscreen wipers

Replace engine oil

Replace oil filter

Replace sump plug washer

Check seat belts

Reset service light

Stamp service book

Check handbrake operation

Braking system check


Steering system check


Clutch system check



How often should I service my Honda

Honda’s service schedule recommends that you have your car serviced every 12,500 miles or at the 12-month stage, whichever comes sooner.

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