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We at Eden Motor Group are passionate about all things automotive, meaning we aim to stay abreast of all the major developments from the motoring industry as a whole. From vehicle launches to the latest motor shows, innovative new technology to information on the most recent money saving promotions, we work to keep you updated with all the latest and relevant news.

We also aim to play an important role in our local communities, which means you’ll often find us engaging in local charitable causes and events, or supporting students and other businesses in reaching new levels of success. Of course, you’ll also be able to follow news from within our dealerships too, while reviews of some of the latest arrivals will provide another perspective on all the best new cars.

Click through to any of the stories listed to learn more. You can also get in touch with a member of the team direct should you wish to share any engaging stories that may be of interest. We look forward to hearing from you.

Top 10 Luxury Prestige Cars

13-07-2022 Here at Eden Prestige and Performance, we carry a wide selection of used and nearly new prestige and executive cars. Here are the top 10 luxury prestige cars…
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UK Government EV Grant For Vans

01-07-2022 Everyone loves free money, especially when it is offered by the government. While the grants for electric cars have ended abruptly, there are still generous…
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Motorway Driving Tips From Eden

30-06-2022 Driving on a motorway is an everyday activity for thousands of motorists, and these fast-moving arteries for traffic can offer an efficient and easy way of…
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Why Now Is The Time To Renew Your Van

30-06-2022 Your van is essential to your business. It carries you and your tools or goods, but also reflects how you look to customers, employees and rivals. Keeping your…
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Top Tips For Keeping Cool In Your Car This Summer

29-06-2022   Summer might be fleetingly short in the UK, but there are still enough baking hot days to make driving seriously uncomfortable. If you choose to take…
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UK Road Trip Advice From Eden

23-06-2022 If you have just taken delivery of your shiny new car from Eden, you’re going to want to be driving it as much as possible. And there is no better way to…
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Selling Privately Vs Selling Though A Dealership

22-06-2022 We assess the pros and cons of both! So, the time has come to sell your car or van. This might be because you have a new one on the way, or maybe you are making…
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Top 5 Vans Available on Finance From Eden

14-06-2022 At Eden, we know what it means to run a business, and we will strive to make it as easy and cost effective as possible to run a commercial vehicle. We give you…
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Top 10 Car Finance Deals at Eden

14-06-2022 Finance a new car from Eden and you’ll be able to have a new car every few years at a surprisingly affordable cost. As Eden has special relationships with…
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PCP Vs HP Finance - Which is better for me?

14-06-2022 So, you’ve chosen your dream car from the selection on offer at Eden. You know what colour you want, have been busy selecting just the right options and…
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Eden's Best Cars For Dog Owners

25-05-2022 The most practical cars for you and your furry companions Dog ownership is now at record levels in the UK. According to survey figures from the Pet Food…
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Top 10 Sports Cars

19-05-2022 As soon as the car was invented, engineers tried to find ways to make them go faster. And while top speed and acceleration are a crucial factor, you need to be…
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